About Me

My Vision

To inspire & encourage others to make healthier choices for their body & mind through my example!

To educate others on healthier choices for themselves & their families, mainly focusing on nutrition.

I see myself making a difference in peoples live & health!

My Story

Hi, every-body my name is Jill & here is a quick story on how I got here!

When I was 12 years old I was diagnosed, after almost slipping into a coma with Type 1 diabetes. I spent a few days in pediatric intensive care & a week total in the hospital.  I did not want diabetes, I was angry about it & it was a very confusing disease for a pre-teen. At some point, I was taken by my mother to a well know wellness clinic in California for a week, that was the start of my love for alternative medicine & holistic approaches! They taught us how nutrition really effected our bodies & supplements we could take to help with certain conditions.  This back then was not a mainstream topic & I found it fascinating! I was doing well for a while, however with lack of support I fell back into some bad ways. I was so thin, most likely from the ketonic state my body was always in.  I was not well but I was definitely in denial.  I developed a diabetic foot condition, that left my foot deformed. Slowly I lost feeling in my feet over the years to the point I have barely any now.

I was in my 20's when I met my future husband, who would not marry me if I didn't take care of myself. I finally went on the pump, checked my sugars regularly & lower my A1c drastically, seemed like I was going to be ok! WRONG, the damage was already done & shortly after at 30 I began to loose my kidneys & I also was close to loosing my sight. I've had MANY laser treatments & surgeries to correct my retinopathy, I am very luck to still have good vision.

During this time I still had this love for holistic health so I read anything I could get my hands on, I completed a Master's degree online in Natural Nutrition ( my bachelors  degree is in Psychology), tool a training in NLP (Nuero-linguistic Programing), completed level 2 reiki practioner & I began a 16 week in-class training to become a Certified Holistic Health Counselor.

A year later I started dialysis at home & was fortunately  listed for a kidney & pancreas transplant. The year & a half I waited were my darkest days, I worked full time then came home to hook up to a machine for the night, every night! In June of 2012 I was blessed with new, healthy kidney & pancreas!

That day my life began again!  I looked, felt & was healthier than I ever had been in a long. long time!  I knew I would do anything to keep my gift transplant healthy!  My previous damage is still there. I can not feel my feet, I have broken bones & not felt it. I walk strange because my feet drop so I pick them up noticeably to avoid tripping on my own toes. I am also still dealing with retina problems treated with monthly eye injections. Even with all that I am just so grateful to be alive & well!

I took the 16 week course over again to refresh my memory & listen with a now clear head. One day, I had this idea about teaching nutrition to everyone, it could be different for everybody depending on what they needed. Not a diet but a healthier lifestyle. I've tried a whole bunch of lifestyles myself (including raw foods & vegan) to see what works for me. I am always looking for ways to keep myself heathy with a suppressed immune system. I want to share that with EVERYBODY! So I started posting on facebook & instagram with positive feedback!

Well thats my story (short version) I will elaborate on parts in my upcoming blog posts & look forward to posting often!