We don’t say diet here.

I am never on a “diet” I am always seeking ways to better my life choices for not just my body but my mind as well. I feel like everyone is on a “diets”. AKA usually those people feel they need to lose weight. I actually hate the word diet, it makes people crazy. “I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet” or “I can’t wait until this diet is over & I can have (fill in the blank) again” . People always seem to be on ANOTHER diet, meaning the first 5 they tried didn’t work. Diets suck you into an endless loop of excitement to try it because you’ve seen all the results others had, social media is the worst for this, you can hashtag any diet ever invented & see a 1000 pictures of people who had extreme success adding to your excitement! So from this excitement you go out & buy everything you need to start said diet or better yet spend a fortune & order a kit right from a company promising you success. (Disclaimer here, I think any healthy lifestyle choice is a good one & if you stick with it & it works for you AWESOME I am very happy for you & proud of you, I’m just trying to show you there are other ways 😀)

So step one to your diet is you read all the rules. What you can or cant have & why. Most is true in its own right for SOME people, other might people might be better off doing it differently but they won’t know that because they started THIS with all their friends (ps these will be the people most upset ). Right from the start at-least some participants are already dreading this “diet” because they can’t have this or that, things they LOVE, things that aren’t necessarily bad for you, you just can’t have it here. Your mind already starts thinking about the end before you even begin. “Is this for you?” “How are you going to do it for x amount of time?” ” how will I eat out?” And so on…

Day one! “Yes, I made it, not so bad..”

Day two. “Ok I can do this”

Day 3. ” Stupid diet.”

Day 4 “😡”

Day 5 “Is it a cheat day yet??? Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if I had some (blah blah) today”

Day 6 “Cheat day! Yay!”

Day 7″I really don’t think that diet works, I don’t feel any different”

Ok maybe a little dramatic there but does any of that sound familiar?

Here’s the other side. You make it, you cut out all the bad stuff, you made it past the angry phase, you feel great, you lost some weight, you are on top of the world, where do you go from here??? That’s up to you now, stay on the regimented your “diet” or go on your own ( which most people do) & prob make some bad choices soon that send you feeling bad again & you start to justify why you’re doing them. Until you are back where you started & looking for the next “diet”

Either way your always searching for SOMEONE ELSE to tell YOU exactly how to take care of yourself. Other people shouldn’t dictate exactly what you feed yourself in a day, what time & how much. It’s just not sustainable for most (there are some who do very well living this way but not many).

When I was naming my website I chose Everybody’s Nutrition because I wanted to be an outlet every-body could find helpful life style tips in hopes they would find things that work for them. When I speak with people about nutrition I don’t tell them exactly what they should eat, we go through options that may be beneficial to them.

I am going to let you in on a secret (it’s not really a secret lol just really a reminder)

If you do any or all of these things YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT (since this is why most people go on “diet” in the first place) feel better & your body will thank you for it!

Drink more water

Exercise daily (to whatever ability you are able to)

Cut out “white foods” pasta, rice, bread, SUGAR especially (it’s in everything!)

Limit alcohol

Some need to also limit legumes/beans

Full each plate with 50% vegetable (they fill you up & give you fiber most of us are lacking)

Don’t be afraid of healthy fats (avocado, nuts, coconut oil, fish)

Make sure you’re getting enough protein

Forgive yourself if you have a bad day & eat really horrible! YOU ARE ONLY HUMAN & you’re not on a “diet”so that’s perfectly acceptable! Tomorrow is a new day!

Start small, don’t jump into the whole list tomorrow, start with water, for a few days if you’re not a big water drinker drink more, give your body a good flush then move on to your next healthy life style choice!

It’s not a race, it’s your life & you are awesome for wanting to better it!!

Until next time, take care of your body & soul it’s the only one you’ve got!

Stay well & drink more water!


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